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Placebo digital fashion house

Placebo Digital Fashion House was created by Roei Derhi, a fashion designer currently working for H&M. Right after graduating from Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, Roei was recruited by H&M and moved to Sweden, staying there for four years now. Besides his main job at H&M, Roei also creates his own designs in 3D under the brand Placebo Digital Fashion House. The designer is thrilled to be a part of DRESSX fashion revolution and wants to make his art accessible for the consumers all around the world.

Placebo 0.1 is the designer’s first collection for DRESSX. Placebo is a tribe that celebrates humans, equality, and the future. A tribe which believes in the science of human beings and which is convinced that people are connected by the algorithm and DNA. Placebo 0.1 is the collection for everybody, despite gender boundaries - it's a mix of masculinity and femininity. In his collection the designer explores new silhouettes and asymmetric shapes, creating prints inspired by science and DNA illustrations. Placebo 0.1 is all about creating unexpected changes in the garments, breaking patterns and contrasting volumes.

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